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A holistic approach to food cravings and emotional eating.
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Why do 43% of people turn to food to soothe themselves?

Well, it turns out that, as humans, we have an innate desire to fulfill basic needs such as water, food, shelter, peace of mind, and love. We all know that these are essential to our physical and mental health. The process of maintaining this healthy balance in our body and mind is called homeostasis.

This homeostatic drive is what creates the feeling of thirst when you need water and tells you to take action when you lose your peace of mind.

This homeostatic drive is also behind your craving for a donut during mid-mornings at work because your blood sugar has crashed; why you crave chips because you need salt to balance your electrolytes; and lastly, why you crave chocolate because you feel unloved. (Yup, it's based on scientific research. It's all because of a compound called PEA, which is found in cacao...)

I was there too… frustrated, lonely, and feeling desperate for a solution.

I know the feeling all too well. My biggest craving was chips. I would devour a bag of chips just before crashing on the couch or while watching TV.

I'd start each morning with a large mug of coffee with milk and sugar. By about 10 am, I would be overwhelmed by thoughts of a bagel slathered with strawberry jam, which would not stop until I made my way to the cafeteria.

In face of chocolate cravings, I would have all the good intentions of eating only two squares. But five minutes later, I'd find myself with an empty wrapper in my hands.

I lost a whopping 100 lbs and transformed my life!

After quitting my job, I went back to school so I could become a Clinical Nutritionist.  Now, I help others like you.

I created the unique and proven protocol "The Dodier Protocol," 6-step approach to crushing 
cravings. It is a holistic and comprehensive approach to total health.
The Crave Cure Formula will rock your world!

✔︎ A Step-By-Step Plan that will help you begin your journey in crushing your cravings and achieving total health
✔︎ A Meal Plan that will show you exactly what to eat to regulate your blood sugar and hormones
✔︎ Delicious, Easy and Healthy Unique Recipes
✔︎ Detailed and Detachable " Yes and No" food list 
✔︎ Easy to use guide to portion size
✔︎ A science-based "Before and After Assessment Tool" to measure your progress during the first 30 days
✔︎ Specific and simple guide on how to measure results 
✔︎ A complete guide to reading all food labels
✔︎ A shopping list that you can take with you!
✔︎ Detachable Crave Cure Formula guide
✔︎ Access to an online community of supportive women
"In a short period of time, it helped me to fully realize and reconnect the dots as to the importance of mind, body, and soul connection... "-Mary
We talk about all the aspects of achieving your health goals from stress reduction, to portion control, to the mind-body connection. Most importantly, we dive deeply into all aspects of cravings, from physical to emotional, and provide solutions to heal, not quick fixes.
I feel so much better and feel I have a great start...There is no looking back!"- Vicki
We use a science-based assessment tool to help you measure your before and after results for the first 30 days. The changes are well beyond the cravings, weight loss... it’s right across all of your health factors.
"From the bottom of my heart this community has change my life and my wellbeing..." -Normagrace
As a clinical Nutritionist, I work in one-on-one and group settings, helping women just like you and me to lose weight and to crush their cravings. I use the Crave Cure program with every patient for their first 30 days of transformation.
The Crave Cure
Coaching Video Series
For the first month, receive daily emails and coaching videos. I will teach you everything you need to be successful in your journey of adopting a low-carb lifestyle and reducing your stress so you can achieve your goals. - Stephanie Dodier, Clinical Nutritionist
Week 1
Day 1: What are you hungry for?
Day 2:
Healthy Fats: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
Day 3: Time to Get a New Boyfriend: Food Addiction
Day 4: Why You Crave Chocolate
Day 5: Who Else Wants Healthy Protein?
Day 6: 4 Steps to Eliminate Emotional Eating
Day 7: The Power of Gratitude
Week 3
Day 15: 3 Tips to Increase Your Motivation
Day 16: See How Easily You Can Get Into Ketosis
Day 17: 12 Things You Didn't Know About Stress
Day 18: Calorie In… Calorie Out. Simple, Right ???
Day 19: Which Camp Do You Play In: Love or Fear?
Day 20: You Are Sweet Enough... All About Sweeteners.
Day 21: The Easiest Way to Reduce Stress
Week 2
Day 8: Not All Carbs are Created Equal
Day 9: Let's Do This Together
Day 10: Sugar Burner Versus Fat Incinerator
Day 11: This is What Will Make This Time The One
Day 12: S.T.R.E.S.S.
Day 13: How Dairy Can Impact Your Hormone Balance
Day 14: How I Finally Rid Myself of Anxiety
Week 4
Day 22: 3 Simple Tricks To Meditate While Eating
Day 23: How your body grad and store your emotions
Day 24: Nutrient Density
Day 25: You Don't Need To Exercise Ever Again!
Day 26: This is a Journey. Lean In!
Day 27: You Are What You Poop!
Day 28: If I Had To Start All Over Again
Stephanie Dodier is a Clinical Nutritionist, Weight Loss, and Emotional Eating Expert. Stephanie is the author of the Crave Cure guide and program, formerly known as the Keto Connector. She is also the host of The Beyond The Food Show a podcast and talks weekly with world-renowned health experts about all things related to women's health.

Stephanie’s integrative and comprehensive approach to nutrition and health goes far beyond the food and is geared toward finding alignment between body and mind.

Stephanie’s has been there too; her health journey began 6 years ago while working as a senior executive in a Fortune 500 corporation. She suffered a series of severe panic episodes, which led to a complete life transformation, allowing to get her health back. In the process of transformation, Stephanie’s lost 100 lbs. and resolved many of her health conditions.

Stephanie is passionate about sharing her journey and being a source of inspiration while serving women.

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